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People like to return to places where they feel safe. Nowadays, especially, it’s a condition for the smooth operation of any property. In SSI Group, we have a simple recipe. We can be seen in places where prevention is required. And, on the contrary, we covertly guard people’s safety and health in places where it’s not appropriate to make customers or tenants nervous. We appear exactly when we’re needed.

We use the most modern types of communication technology; the most effective are the ones which are the least visible.

We have extensive experience with extraordinary events. We save many human lives every year. We seize stolen goods and data worth tens of millions of crowns. We’re in close contact with fire-fighting units, and special operations units of the Police of the Czech Republic.

Thanks to the interconnection of security with maintenance and cleaning, we can find a solution for any event within minutes. But first and foremost adopt simple measures which help to prevent incidents.

Security guards

Even modern security technology cannot replace security guards. After 25 years of experience, we in SSI can find an effective balance which is the most favourable for the client in terms of price.

That is why security guards are one of our most demanded services, and the careful selection of our employees contributes to this. For every employee, we insist on systematic education, a presentable appearance, proper conduct and correct communication.

The security worker is a pillar for the visitors, employees or tenants of the guarded building. They help them with practical questions, while at the same time guaranteeing their safety.

Security guards are an integral, and more importantly active, component of the management of the building. They also communicate with the building’s other sections, which is why our people also understand basic maintenance and cleaning.

We also provide security guards for one-off events. We’ve proved ourselves at international sports events, conferences and social gatherings attended by leading personalities from world politics, business and culture.


Special activities

SSI Group’s services which are constantly in high demand include special activities.

Often this includes discrete services exclusively in compliance with the valid Legal Code of the Czech Republic.

We help clients with debt administration and recovery. We look for solutions for our customers’ financial, commercial or legal difficulties.

We provide personal bodyguards, individual tailor-made security, and assistance in the event of the loss of data or movable objects. Always at the highest possible professional level, guaranteed by experienced specialists.

We’re in contact with organs active in criminal proceedings, solicitors and executors.

Within the scope of special activities we offer:

  • Debt administration and recovery
  • Detective services
  • Personal bodyguards

Security technology

The area of security is interconnected with modern technology, which is why we invest in the development of communication and security technology and protection, and we teach our employees to operate it.

We offer the latest products, which are usually linked to security guards. We also service and manage all the technology, thereby reducing financial costs.

We achieve further savings thanks to technological assessments and inspections of technology. We always propose systems which are tailor-made to the client or building. We save money by using upgrades and overhauls. We always look for the simplest but most responsible solution.

We’ll provide you with:

  • ESS – security alarms
  • EKV – electronic access systems
  • MZS – mechanical barrier systems
  • CCTV – camera systems
  • EP S – fire alarms

Security assessment

Every problem means expenses. Financial, time and operational expenses, and a risk to image or credibility.

That is why we concentrate on prevention. We expose potential weak points even in the early preparation phase of new development or investment projects. And we proceed with the operation of existing buildings with the maximum responsibility.

Security assessments relate to properties. At the same time, they name possible risks even in the case of work collectives. The aim is the maximum security of movable and immovable property, and persons.

Over years of preparing security assessments, we’ve saved our clients tens of millions of crowns. We’ve shown them how to protect valuable data. And at the same time we’ve saved them numerous operational expenses.

For every weak point we propose a solution. Simply and effectively


Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Centre and panic buttons

The Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Centre (formerly known as PCO) is a comprehensive security system, which links the most modern security technology with trained professionals to guarantee the protection and security of persons and buildings.

We have our own Alarm Reporting Control, which complies with the most demanding technological requirements as per the norm ČSN EN 50518 1 – 3.

Everything is supervised round the clock by our monitoring centre, which ensures that a special operations units is sent immediately, and coordinates activity in the guarded building. In necessary, we can notify firemen, paramedics or the Police of the Czech Republic within seconds.

The Alarm Reporting Control is associated with the so-called panic button. This is an effective, invisible and fast system with which the operator can immediately call security guards for assistance.

It is easily activated in the event of a suspected crime or extraordinary event; for example, medical assistance can be summoned with just one press. Its growing popularity is also due to its low acquisition and operating costs.


integrated facility management

Transparency, conclusiveness and responsibility. These reasons stand behind the growing demand for this service. In SSI Group we manage tasks thanks to over 30 years of experience and almost 2,500 professionals. And we’re growing every month. Just like the value of the properties we look after is rising.

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