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Making things difficult and complicated is not an art; on the contrary, in SSI we’re convinced that the true art of property management lies in simplicity.

Complications postpone solutions and cost unnecessary money, and the same applies for easy ways and cheap decisions.

Thanks to an experienced, well coordinated team, trained on hundreds of buildings, we demonstrate every day that it can be done differently. Simply. Which means effectively, quickly, smartly.

But at the same time always one hundred percent professionally.

Who we are

We’re a purely Czech family business, and we’ve been operating in the property market since the year 1990. We provide comprehensive IFM services – security, maintenance, power engineering and cleaning of properties.

Our portfolio consists of several hundred buildings throughout the entire Czech and Slovak Republics, and we’re gradually expanding to other Central European countries. We look after dozens of shopping centres and office buildings, and we operate in manufacturing companies and logistics compounds.

In SSI Group, we know what our clients need. We choose the paths that result in the greatest profit for them. We guarantee maximum comfort for tenants, workers and visitors.

We simplify the path to property management.


Our people

In SSI, people are not just the foundation of the company. People are our know-how.

We know that a condition for the client’s satisfaction is a qualified, motivated and informed employee; they
then become an asset to the entire company and its growth. That is why we create an environment which
strengthens this bond, and offer an effective motivation system.

It all starts with the careful selection of the most suitable candidates. This is supervised by long-standing
specialists from our personnel centre, who use the latest trends to recruit new applicants.

We also apply similarly tried and tested procedures in the case of career growth. All our employees participate
in regular professional training and specialized schooling. This includes the upgrading of qualifications for facility
management workers, as well as psychological preparation and presentation of the most modern technology at
security level. In this way, ordinary employees can become team leaders in just a few years.


Our history

We’ve been operating in the property market since the year 1990. Are beginnings are associated with the Vodrážka family, whose members still own and manage the SSI Group today. We were established as one of the first specialized companies in the security service market. As our customers increased in number, prospered, grew and expanded their activity, their demands also
increased, which motivated us to broaden our menu of services.

  • 857

    Václav Vodrážka established SSI
  • 1661

    We start at the hotel Hilton Prague
  • 1674

    We are securing the first shopping…
  • 1672

    We have our own ARC
  • 869

    we establish a maintenance division
  • 873

    we establish a subsidiary company in…
  • 877

    we establish a cleaning division
  • 879

    we become the SSI Group
  • 1659

    We estabilished a joint-stock company…

Narrowly profiled security activity transformed into comprehensive security management. Which, in recent years, was also enriched by maintenance and property cleaning services. Our philosophy is simple: we pride ourselves on a personal approach and family tradition. Although we belong among the largest companies in the market, we have a face. The client always knows who they can turn to. And who will deal with their requirement.

The support of all the teams is centralized, and we have a unified management and financial, personnel and legal centre. From the very start we’ve demanded interconnected communication and a unified team spirit. We value our employees, because we know that our added value lies in them. In our faith in them, and in their loyalty and motivation to the best possible performance. For the SSI Group, but most importantly for you.


Facts about the company

  • + 500 building We take care of more than 500 facilities in the Czech and Slovak Republic..
  • + 2500 employees We employ nearly 2.500 professionals.
  • + 1 billion CZK Annual turnover exceeds 1 billion CZK.
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Certification and insurance


When protecting risky events but also during guarding of premises, regular operation of maintenance or cleaning, insurance of the Company is an integral part of services we offer. Insurance guarantees our customers reliability and gives evidence on company standards.

We have implemented and maintained Quality Management Systems complying with the requirements of ČSN EN ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 as well as OHSAS 18001.

We hold a certificate of the National Security Authority of a classified “CONFIDENTIAL”. We actively cooperate and are members of relevant professional associations AGA, ASIS, IFMA and SAFM.


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