Even modern security technology cannot replace security guards. After 25 years of experience, we in SSI can find an effective balance which is the most favourable for the client in terms of price.

That is why security guards are one of our most demanded services, and the careful selection of our employees contributes to this. For every employee, we insist on systematic education, a presentable appearance, proper conduct and correct communication.

The security worker is a pillar for the visitors, employees or tenants of the guarded building. They help them with practical questions, while at the same time guaranteeing their safety.

Security guards are an integral, and more importantly active, component of the management of the building. They also communicate with the building’s other sections, which is why our people also understand basic maintenance and cleaning.

We also provide security guards for one-off events. We’ve proved ourselves at international sports events, conferences and social gatherings attended by leading personalities from world politics, business and culture.