The Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Centre (formerly known as PCO) is a comprehensive security system, which links the most modern security technology with trained professionals to guarantee the protection and security of persons and buildings.

We have our own Alarm Reporting Control, which complies with the most demanding technological requirements as per the norm ČSN EN 50518 1 – 3.

Everything is supervised round the clock by our monitoring centre, which ensures that a special operations units is sent immediately, and coordinates activity in the guarded building. In necessary, we can notify firemen, paramedics or the Police of the Czech Republic within seconds.

The Alarm Reporting Control is associated with the so-called panic button. This is an effective, invisible and fast system with which the operator can immediately call security guards for assistance.

It is easily activated in the event of a suspected crime or extraordinary event; for example, medical assistance can be summoned with just one press. Its growing popularity is also due to its low acquisition and operating costs.