The Local Distribution System (LDS) is a distribution system serving to connect end-users to the energy network and to secure the energy supply (electricity and gas) to a customer’s premises. Power distribution systems are operated by licenced distribution companies in the territory defined by their licences. LDS can arise wherever more customers (energy customers) are connected to the power network via a single connection point to the parent distribution system.

Our main intention is to operate, handle and secure our own investment in a new or refurbished LDS. For the local distribution network’s faultless operation, a detailed study is required that defines both the technical and administrative processes necessary for the successful separation and modernisation of the LDS and its long-term, stable operation.

Our added value is to ensure the entire upgrading process of the LDS on a turn-key basis, from the study phase, through design, construction and subsequent operation including investment. Ensuring the whole process by one entity guarantees you the maximum concentration on the quality of the work implementation that is justified by the subsequent work operation by the same entity.

We have a stable, professional team that’s ready to fully operate the LDS, designing and constructing activities are provided by subcontractors with our own building supervision.