Our main goal is operating and servicing heating equipment (boiler, heat pump, KGJ) in combination with securing our own investment in new technology for heat production. A clearly defined plan (modernisation, new construction, reconstruction, etc.) is needed to operate the technology efficiently, which in most cases we solve with studies. The study gives us a precise definition whether the new equipment is correctly-sized, if it’s suitable for the given operation and the energy environment and what the return is (in comparison to the existing heat source) in the case of modernisation or reconstruction.

Our key benefit is to ensure the entire heat management modernisation process from the design phase to the design and construction and subsequent operation including the reinvestment of the entire work and its repayment in the form of the heat output unit (GJ). In this chain, when there are fragmented between different entities and unsolvable disputes between processes are often inflicted (such as construction and traffic, where one concentrates on the cheapest and fastest construction and the other on the most comfortable operation). If the whole process is secured by one subject that will run the technology for several years, then you can avoid potential disputes and be certain that technology is designed and built with the greatest emphasis on long-term stability.

Design and construction is subcontracted with our own construction supervision.