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Power Engineering

Energy processes form an important chapter in the functioning of any healthy society. Reliability, responsibility, efficiency and trust are the exact words that fully describe our perception of energy services implementation.

We operate stably and create comprehensive conceptual solutions. From energy consulting to the implementation and operation of long-term energy saving projects, including securing financing and contractual guarantees for the result.

We design, build and operate energy equipment with maximum emphasis on efficiency and economy, based primarily on a stable and experienced team of experts.

Energy consultancy activities

Drawing subsidies is a current topic with regard to the public as well as private sectors. There are a number of subsidy titles and their conditions are often adjusted with each new call. We provide up-to-date information on the possibilities of financing energy-saving projects with the use of subsidies from the European Union’s operational programmes or national programmes.

In the area of subsidy management, in addition to the subsidy applications themselves, we mainly deal with specific proposals for technical solutions. We provide technical and economic feasibility studies and process energy audits and assessments.

Thanks to energy management activities, we are able to provide quality technical solutions for planned projects and subsequently guarantee the long-term effect of implemented energy saving measures with an impact on the effective use of the necessary funds.


Active energy management

Energy costs form a significant part of operating buildings and technological equipment costs. Therefore, it is worthwhile to continuously monitor, regularly evaluate and take measures to reduce energy consumption.

A clear visualisation of energy data, consumption measurement, production and energy losses or control and optimising energy flow thanks to state-of-the-art measurement and regulation systems is an accurate characteristic of our active energy management solution.

Energy inputs and outputs can only be effectively addressed by accurate measurement and monitoring at selected locations. Achieving interesting savings is often possible thanks to smaller organisational measures that do not require any additional costs. The immediate effect of continuously monitoring energy consumption is easier detection of non-standard conditions in the form of failures and accidents.


Energy saving projects

We provide services in the energy savings field in the form of a comprehensive solution leading to a reduction in energy intensity, in addition to maintaining or increasing energy security. It is always an individual set of measures in the field of electricity consumption, production and distribution, heat or cold or compressed air. Our proposals also include the area of modern energy-saving lighting, the use of renewable energy sources or combined heat and power generation.

Various methods of financing and operating the investments concerned may be used as part of implementing technical and organisational measures. The standard solution is the delivery of investment measures in “turnkey” way, i.e., Energy Contracting, where the investment is included in the price of supplied energy. The Energy Performance Contracting method is the current trend in implementing energy saving projects, which contractually guarantees repayment of the initial investment from the achieved savings and ensures active energy management for the contract’s entire duration.



Construction and operation of energy units

We offer comprehensive solutions for implementing and supplying energy units, including ensuring their long-term operation, especially in the construction of thermal energy equipment, cogeneration units, artificial lighting systems, production equipment and compressed air distribution, photovoltaic power plants or installation of transformer stations and distribution equipment.

We can ensure the complete takeover of energy management, modernisation or construction of efficient technologies for energy production, their distribution and the actual transfer to terminal equipment.

We are also able to operate energy sources regardless of the input commodity or heat transfer medium and at the same time provide the distribution of energy with complete management of end transfer points.



This is the construction of projects, where responsibility for processing the project documentation is transferred to the construction contractor. Combining the functions of designer and supplier into one person brings interesting benefits, especially time savings and a guarantee of the implementer for the result.

For these projects, the long-term effect is often evaluated, so a higher initial investment with lower costs during the project life cycle may be preferred to the classic competition at the lowest price. There are also no problems with the requirements for the project documentation completion, missing items in the area reports and related additional work. The Design-Build method can be used in all cases where the investor has sufficient knowledge and technical expertise to determine the requirements for a future project.


Integrated FACILITY management

Transparency, conclusiveness and responsibility. These reasons stand behind the growing demand for this service. In SSI Group we manage tasks thanks to over 30 years of experience and almost 2,500 professionals. And we’re growing every month. Just like the value of the properties we look after is rising.

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