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A supporting pillar of integrated facility management is the technical management of properties, otherwise known as maintenance.

It is this area that best illustrates clients’ growing demands. It corresponds to the changing approach to real estate.

More and more often we see the use of new construction elements, materials and innovation in technical equipment, or in the energy management of the building.

In SSI Group, we keep up with the times. With many clients we even try to be ahead, which is why we assist with energy audits and certificates for so-called green buildings, and we transfer our experiences from everyday practice to designers and processors.

Top-class maintenance remains our priority, so that the
operation of the building is simply faultless.

Technical management of buildings

We regard the technical management of buildings as the basis for ensuring their smooth operation. A permanent team of experienced workers looks after it.

We know the buildings entrusted to us down to their smallest detail, which is why we can guarantee a constant income for property owners. And maximum comfort for tenants and visitors.

We also take care of all administrative tasks. We operate software commonly used in the area of facility management.

We pro-actively monitor the latest developments in legislation, regulations and decrees. In this way, we easily prevent possible problems.

Among others, our Investment Division is tasked with the preparation and evaluation of proposed investments, offers and tender proceedings for suppliers of construction work, inspections, services etc., so that the performed activities are as effective as possible for the clients in terms of investment quality.


Service and inspections

Years of experience in the property market have taught us that every crown effectively spent on service and inspections will be returned many times over in operational savings. And in the lifespan of the technology.

We have our own service and inspection team, which monitors the prescribed dates of professional inspections and services.

We study manuals, and our team undertakes many hours of training every year. Thanks to this we hold a number of certificates, and we have an extensive partner network of technology manufacturers and suppliers.

This is one of the reasons why we resolve any problems in record time. And we always have reserve variants prepared, so that the managed building is easily kept in constant and efficient operation.


OSH and fire safety

Fortune always favours the prepared. However, in the case of operational and fire safety, there is no room for random luck. Only for preparedness. That is why in all buildings in which the SSI Group operates, we ensure that the client’s staff or tenants receive training. This is the only way to prevent damage to property or people’s health.

Many of our employees are trained instructors in the field of fire safety and occupational safety and health.

We adapt these services for all operations, from shopping centres to sophisticated industrial production.

We teach people how to behave in crisis situations. In the workplace and outside it, which is one of the reasons why, together with the basics of first aid, this service is being demanded more and more.


Consulting and audits

When we take over a new building, we perform a technical and operational assessment.

During its course, we address the technical condition of the equipment and technology in detail. We also take the building’s operational demands into account.

The analysis easily produces recommendations for the search for savings. And we observe these on the basis of close communicationwith the client or investor.

We can reveal weak points even at the project documentation level; this applies to the building’s operation, security, and technical and energy balance.

We provide independent consulting and assessments for developers. We‘ll be happy to oblige at the level of expert consultations and design and architectonic studios. We have a common goal: the economical and problem-free operation of the prepared construction.


Integrated FACILITY management

Transparency, conclusiveness and responsibility. These reasons stand behind the growing demand for this service. In SSI Group we manage tasks thanks to over 30 years of experience and almost 2,500 professionals. And we’re growing every month. Just like the value of the properties we look after is rising.

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