The training is aimed at the prevention and exposure of the possible risk of terrorist attack. At the same time, participants will obtain information on how to proceed if such a situation arises.

We’ll demonstrate how to identify potential attackers, and we’ll describe procedures which will help to reduce the risk of an attack being realized, or if applicable its consequences. We’ll teach you what principles apply in the event of a realized terrorist attack.

We’ll also focus on the psychology of potential perpetrators.

Improvised explosive devices

The most valuable parts of this highly demanded training are the model situations and practical demonstrations. We concentrate on how to recognize potential suspicious objects, explosives or hazardous substances. And how to proceed afterwards, in order to protect the public.

You‘ll discover the principle on which explosive devices work. We’ll show you examples of explosive devices which have already been used (e.g. postal packages). Including where they’re usually placed, and what consequences they can have if they’re not deactivated in time.