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During the quarter of a century that we’ve been operating in the Czech market, we’ve educated and trained thousands of professionals. This equally applies to our clients, for whom we organize training, courses and workshops.

The greatest interest is in first aid, security and facility management. In all of the afore-mentioned areas, we offer many years of experience and highly-developed teaching and training methods. We use our own facilities, with perfect equipment and experienced training staff.

We always supplement the theoretical part with illustrative exercises. Only after the listeners succeed in practice can they obtain a certificate of completion. We can combine all of our training with original teambuilding.

Our managers regularly appear at professional conferences, and we work in schools, kindergartens and the private sector.

First Aid

We offer practical training which will teach graduates emergency responses in the event of an extraordinary situation. They will master rapid procedures which save lives and help to manage extraordinary medical complications or injuries.

Our instructors are professionals to the core. Their courses receive a positive reaction if only for the fact that they manage to connect with everyone.

Our first aid training

  • Level Basic
  • Level Basic Plus
  • Level Advanced
  • Emergency First Response
  • Automated external defibrilator
  • Retraining course for a first aid member

We’re proud when the clients that we’re trained can deal with an extraordinary situation, which can arise at any time – in work or in everyday life. We ourselves are constantly improving in this area, because we’re members of both Czech and worldwide associations.


OSH and fire safety

One of the key training courses, to which we devote great attention. Participants will familiarize themselves with the main risks and hazards in a realistic work environment. They will learn how to identify and prevent them, and they also familiarize themselves with legal regulations.

Graduates of the training will learn the connection between occupational safety and health and fire prevention. And they will easily be able to adopt adequate measures.

Practical OSH and fire safety exercise

The aim of this training is a practical fire drill, and the administration of first aid to injured persons.

How to proceed in the event of a fire. How and when to use the correct fire-fighting devices. Teamwork, and reactions to crisis situations under stress. Participants in the training have the opportunity to try out all of these while solving very realistic model situations.


Self-defence and rules for its use

A practical course led by professional instructors who have experience in training security forces.

The training is divided into a theoretical part, with information about legal norms, and three training groups which physically exercise all aspects of self-defence. We familiarize course participants with the basics of self-defence, within the limits of necessary protection.

You‘ll learn how to use simple and effective self-defence techniques. But, most importantly, you‘ll increase your mental and physical resilience in tense situations.


Crime prevention

How to recognize the risk of theft? Do the perpetrators of crime behave differently, and what do they focus on? Do procedures in shopping centres, in hotels and at social and business events differ? And what powers do the business unit staff, security or management have in the event that they‘re witnesses to a crime?

We’ll teach you how to behave and what technology to use to protect yourself, and your clients and property.

Crisis situations

How to react to theft? An emergency evacuation of the building? The reported loss of a child, or a visitor falling unconscious?

Within the scope of operating your building, you may be exposed to a whole range of extraordinary situations.

It’s here that decisiveness, based on completely clear information on how to proceed, is key. It’s these initial moments that human lives or the prevention of panic often depend on.


Possible forms of terrorist attacks

The training is aimed at the prevention and exposure of the possible risk of terrorist attack. At the same time, participants will obtain information on how to proceed if such a situation arises.

We’ll demonstrate how to identify potential attackers, and we’ll describe procedures which will help to reduce the risk of an attack being realized, or if applicable its consequences. We’ll teach you what principles apply in the event of a realized terrorist attack.

We’ll also focus on the psychology of potential perpetrators.

Improvised explosive devices

The most valuable parts of this highly demanded training are the model situations and practical demonstrations. We concentrate on how to recognize potential suspicious objects, explosives or hazardous substances. And how to proceed afterwards, in order to protect the public.

You‘ll discover the principle on which explosive devices work. We’ll show you examples of explosive devices which have already been used (e.g. postal packages). Including where they’re usually placed, and what consequences they can have if they’re not deactivated in time.


Integrated facility Management

Transparency, conclusiveness and responsibility. These reasons stand behind the growing demand for this service. In SSI Group we manage tasks thanks to over 25 years of experience and almost 2,000 professionals. And we’re growing every month. Just like the value of the properties we look after is rising.

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