In the case of cleaning, we abide by a simple principle: every managed building must be tidy. At any time, and under any conditions. For this, we use the most modern technology and procedures, and we regularly invest in the purchase of modern cleaning devices.

We perceive clients’ specific requirements; we distinguish among manufacturing compounds, food warehouses, pharmaceutical operations, medical facilities, hotels and shopping centres. In spite of this, it is the evident cleanliness and comfort of all visitors or workers which connects all the properties.

Our cleaning service focuses on both the interiors and surroundings of buildings. Inside the buildings, in particular, we apply a multi-phase inspection of the cleanliness of bathrooms, and we supply hygienic materials.

The overall picture depends on the smallest detail, such as for example full soap holders, sufficient paper towels or regularly emptied waste baskets. We pay attention not only to the hygienic and mechanical cleanliness of surfaces, but also to the preservation of the safe movement of persons. In the event of rain or melting snow, we remove excess water from garages and road surfaces.

We’ll provide you with:

  • Internal and external cleaning of buildings
  • General cleaning of buildings
  • Washing of façades, shop windows, windows and glass roofs
  • Work with high-rise technology
  • Mechanical cleaning of commercial areas, passages, garages and car parks
  • Winter maintenance of outdoor areas, including the cleaning and disposal of snow and provision of grit
  • Cleaning of carpets, Venetian blinds and upholstery
  • Complete pre-inspection and general cleaning of buildings
  • Cleaning of ceilings and soffits, clearing out of offices, warehouses and cellars including the supply of a container, and waste disposal in accordance with valid legislation

Supply of hygienic material

  • Distribution of basic hygienic paraphernalia
  • Supply and assembly of containers according to the client’s needs
  • Servicing of ladies’ toilets

Waste management

Transport and disposal of both mixed and sorted waste

Transport, cleaning and disposal of substances caught in oil and grease traps

Maintenance and inspection of the sewerage system