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Monitoring Centre

In SSI Group we abide by a simple rule: when our client brings any shortcoming to our attention, it’s a double problem. After all, our internal controls and use of modern communication systems must be the first to expose any failure or non-standard situation. Afterwards, the client merely obtains information about a successful solution and result.

This also forms one of the main priorities of integrated facility management: all sections help one another and have a common goal, being the perfect operation of the managed property and the client’s feeling that they’re looked after. Our monitoring centre forms an umbrella over a multiphase control and communication system across the entire company. It’s a “central brain” for all the buildings in which we operate. Its outputs are also available to clients at any time.

Monitoring centre

An on-line data bank of the comprehensive operation of properties; that’s how we could describe the monitoring centre, which forms an umbrella over all services supplied by the SSI Group in managed buildings – maintenance, security and cleaning.

Experienced employees command internal control mechanisms. They continuously watch over the quality of the services and merge key divisions: The Help Desk, Hotline and Call Centre, intervention and service teams, Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Centre/Alarm Reporting Control and the Control Division.

The monitoring centre functions in real time, and in an action radius of several seconds or minutes. We also archive all incidents for the client’s needs. Thus, it’s a permanently activated auditing system of the operation of buildings.

Thanks to the monitoring centre, we can flexibly strengthen all the teams working in the specific building. We always have backup intervention and service teams.

If necessary, we also quickly inform a call-out team. Whether it concerns security, cleaning or technical service.


Help Desk

The Help Desk service is aimed at directly supporting the client, and recording their requirements.

Through the web interface, the client can enter any comment or report a non-standard situation. It’s immediately received by senior workers responsible for maintenance, security or cleaning. The system also monitors and audits the solution process.

The Help Desk can also control integrated services via mobile applications. All you have to do is send a photograph or short message with an indication of the importance, and the location. You‘ll then receive documentation of the result, or if applicable proposed solutions.


Hotline and Call Centre

All our clients have the Hotline service at their disposal, i.e. an SSI Group manager on the telephone, who is on standby 24/7 and prepared to respond to any requirements by the client, or extraordinary situations which arise in the building.

The Call Centre is a non-stop telephone control room, designed for instantaneous and easy communication within the scope of all the activities which the SSI Group is engaged in, including gathering information about the current staff situation. It serves both clients and all our employees, and it directly supports the Operations and Staff Divisions.

In our Call Centre we utilize tried and tested communication systems, such as for example Alstanet. It’s based on an IP telephone switchboard on the Asteriks platform, with records of all conversations, intelligent call directing, and automatic elements of self-service telephone lines.


Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Centre

In the event of a breach, for example of the security of buildings or persons, the monitoring centre workers are prepared to immediately send response units, which will ascertain the cause of the breach and if necessary secure the building until the arrival of the Police of the Czech Republic, fire-fighters etc.

This is a highly effective method of securing the operation of both larger and smaller buildings, using the most modern security and information systems.

Operators have access to, and command of, Kronos and C4 software, and GPS vehicle monitoring.


Software solutions

Technology and people cannot be linked together without a functioning software system, which facilitates the sharing of information and provides practical instruments for the better functioning of the managed buildings. Including on-line monitoring by the client.

Thanks to our own software we have interconnected off-line and on-line communication channels, including a mobile application. Thanks to it we can plan, manage, control and record the proper operation of real estate. With the option of reporting at any time of the day or night.


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