We’ve been operating in the property market since the year 1990. Are beginnings are associated with the Vodrážka family, whose members still own and manage the SSI Group today. We were established as one of the first specialized companies in the security service market. As our customers increased in number, prospered, grew and expanded their activity, their demands also
increased, which motivated us to broaden our menu of services.

  • 857

    Václav Vodrážka established SSI
  • 1661

    We start at the hotel Hilton Prague
  • 1674

    We are securing the first shopping…
  • 1672

    We have our own ARC
  • 869

    we establish a maintenance division
  • 873

    we establish a subsidiary company in…
  • 877

    we establish a cleaning division
  • 879

    we become the SSI Group
  • 1659

    We estabilished a joint-stock company…

Narrowly profiled security activity transformed into comprehensive security management. Which, in recent years, was also enriched by maintenance and property cleaning services. Our philosophy is simple: we pride ourselves on a personal approach and family tradition. Although we belong among the largest companies in the market, we have a face. The client always knows who they can turn to. And who will deal with their requirement.

The support of all the teams is centralized, and we have a unified management and financial, personnel and legal centre. From the very start we’ve demanded interconnected communication and a unified team spirit. We value our employees, because we know that our added value lies in them. In our faith in them, and in their loyalty and motivation to the best possible performance. For the SSI Group, but most importantly for you.